Let’s take a look together at ADF’s highlights!


Let’s take a look together at ADF’s highlights!


Once a Vatech Customer, Always a Vatech Customer!

This year, we had a significant number of visits from our existing customers. In particular, many customers who were satisfied with Vatech’s product and services visited the booth with their colleagues and friends.

In fact, the number of visitors has surged compared to last year when the yellow vests movement took place. For the first time in the ADF, we had over 800 visitors including 400 doctors, thanks to our engineers for their broad network and Vatech France for expanding its business with new dealerships in Paris / Bordeaux area. Especially, more than 300 people visited the booth on Thursday and Friday, which kept the demonstrators so busy that they didn’t even have time for bathroom breaks!

Just a heads up, making a reservation in advance will reduce your wait time if you’re planning to visit the Vatech booth in 2020!

Booth Design Inspired by Vatech’s Technology

This year marks the 12th year of Vatech France’s corporate establishment. Vatech has been using the same booth location, 3M35, for the past 7 years consecutively, which is the why so many doctors have already memorized where our booth is located.

This year’s booth was designed to reflect Vatech’s high technology/premium-oriented brand value, as in the previous year. The neat combination of white and grey color as well as the spatial composition using straight and diagonal lines give the booth a modern, sleek feel. It can be highlighted that the booth has been utilized more efficiently in terms of space; in addition, the products on display with highlights at the center of the booth give the impression of a motor show.


A closer look into Vatech’s Booth

President’s Perspective on the French Market

Thanks to the growing trend in the number of chain clinic centers, we saw a surge in visits by directors and investors. 

It is estimated that 300-400 centers open per year in France, and it seems like only a matter of time before the number of chain clinic centers surpasses the number of individual dental practices.

As a result, there has been a shortage of number of doctors.

However, as their prices go up, their investments in equipment become relatively low and the manufacturers and dealers have to make the sacrifice in order to fill the gap.

It would be worth considering launching a chain center-exclusive product in order to prevent the price drop in market prices as well as to differentiate the product from other imaging equipment for private practices.

Wrapping Up ADF

As the dealers brought the customers to the booth with their sales skills and persuade the visitors with their demo skills, I was nothing but grateful to them, thinking we should work harder providing training and support to allow them to showcase and sell our products more effectively.

After all, its not the product or the booth location that closes the deal, but it’s our dealers who are always in contact with customers in the field.

Only finding more dealers to represent our products in each region, increasing leads and educating them to increase closing rates will allow us to take a step further.

On the second day of the exhibition, the employees and dealers rented the entire Korean restaurant in Paris, enjoyed great food and celebrated their hard work!


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