Hola! Welcome to Vatech Spain’s New Office in Madrid


Hola! Welcome to Vatech Spain’s New Office in Madrid

During the last week of November, Vatech Spain (VES) completed the move to their new office from Barcelona to Madrid.  Moving is not as easy as simply picking things up and taking them to a new place. There are many sensitive company documents that need to be properly and securely transferred to the new location. First, computers, office-related furniture, daily task supplies were sent. Then, Customer Service-related parts were delivered on the first week of December. 

Since Vatech is an x-ray manufacturing company, one of the most important documents to have and update is the sales permit. Updating and transferring the sales permit from Barcelona to Madrid can be a cumbersome task that can take a while to process.

Vatech Spain’s new Madrid office

After moving into their new Madrid office, all of Vatech Spain’s staff gathered for an early Christmas lunch on Wednesday, December 4th. Most companies typically have their holiday gathering around the 20th of December, but because a heavy work load is usually expected toward the end of December, Vatech Spain had an earlier holiday gathering. We pray for Vatech Spain’s continual success at their new location.

To all the Vatech Spain staff who assisted in making it a smooth transitional move- Thank you. Congratulations on successfully moving into your new office! 


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