Vatech Promotes its Technological Innovations in Collaboration with Egyptian Dental Association


Vatech Promotes its Technological Innovations in Collaboration with Egyptian Dental Association

The EDSIC 2019, hosted by the Egyptian Dental Syndicate International Congress, was held last September at InterContinental Citystars Cairo.

To promote our brand to members of the Egyptian Dental Association, Vatech participated as a Gold Sponsor and solidified its position as the most valuable company with the largest market share in Egypt. In an effort to enhance the brand value, Vatech promoted new innovative technologies that differentiate the company from its competitors, such as its low-dose Green Technology and portable x-ray with CNT technology. Furthermore, a separate conference was held, in collaboration with dealerships, to support local sales and to strengthen partnerships.

Let’s hear from James Ko of Vatech’s Middle East subsidiary, who was in charge of this event:

Along with the Egyptian Dental Association, Vatech Middle East has worked hard to organize EDSIC 2019. To promote our technological innovations, HQ provided financial assistance and sales support. 

While Egypt’s dental imaging market is steadily growing, Vatech has predominantly dominated the key VIP Radiology Center Reference Sites while maintaining 30% of private R/C market share through its advanced technology and high customer responsiveness.

Rather than settling for the present, the decision to participate in EDSIC 2019 was confirmed to secure a long-term growth engine and to build relations with prospective customers within Egypt’s private practices.

In order to allow end-users to experience our most up-to-date technological innovations, and to hopefully increases sales, Vatech focused on promoting the EzRay Air, which uses CNT technology, and the EzSensor Soft, which surpasses the capability of a conventional rigid sensor.

Praising such innovations of Vatech, visitors have shown a high level of confidence in our brand, one that has already been proven by major Reference Cites.

Additionally, I think the event provided us with a great opportunity for on-site sales, which significantly helped both Vatech and the dealerships.

We look forward much more success in the Middle East, VME!



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