Enjoying Beach Activities During Australian Winter


Enjoying Beach Activities During Australian Winter

Currently freezing cold in most places around the world, how is the weather in Down Under?

As the icy cold breeze starts to chill the air, we realize that winter is fast approaching and the one thought that comes to mind is to want to escape to a warmer place. 

Opposite to South Korea’s blistering cold winter, Australia’s winter provides enough warmth and comfort to make anyone forget that it is actually winter. 

When we think of winter sport activities, we easily correlate it to skiing, snowboarding and sledding. However, in Australia it is quite different! 

We have interviewed Mr. Michael Yang from Vatech Australia who currently resides in Australia for an inside scoop of winter in Down Under. 


1. Please introduce yourself

Hi, my name is Michael Yang and I am a Customer Service Assistant for Vatech Australia. I grew up in Georgia (US) but moved to Australia nearly two years ago to pursue a master’s degree in Sydney. I joined Vatech Australia not too long ago, but I enjoy the work culture. I am excited to continue learning and take on more responsibilities within my position. In my spare time, I like to stay active by going to the gym or for a jog to the Opera House and botanical gardens. I also try to go to the beach whenever I can to take advantage of all the beautiful beaches Australia has to offer.


2. Christmas in Australia seems to be quite different from America, Korea and European countries. What’s so special about Christmas in Australia? 

Christmas in Australia is special because it happens in the middle of the summer. Christmas is associated with the cold in most other parts of the world, but in Australia, it gets quite hot. Because of the hot weather during Christmas time, many people like to go to the beach or enjoy the nice weather outside with friends and family. Last year, my sisters came to visit me in Sydney during the Christmas holidays. We went on a boat party on Christmas Eve and on Christmas day we went to Bondi Beach to enjoy the warm weather. It was quite amazing seeing hundreds of people at the beach wearing Santa hats with their bathing suits. 


3. Santa Claus under the hot sun, it’s amazing! I heard that you enjoy a lot of beach related sports activities, what kind of activities do you partake? 

I enjoy being out in the ocean with my friends attempting to catch some waves on the surfboard. I am thinking about buying a surfboard this Summer so I can go more often and become a better surfer. Outside of surfing, when I am on the beach, I love to play beach volleyball. There is no greater feeling than going for a swim in the ocean after playing a competitive game or two of beach volleyball. I also love snorkeling and scuba diving. When you think of snorkeling and scuba diving in Australia, most people just think of the Great Barrier Reef, but even near Sydney, there are many spots where you can scuba dive and snorkel. I have also taken some yoga classes on the beach and it was quite wonderful hearing the waves crash onto the beach while meditating and doing yoga. There are so many different outdoor activities to do during the Summer in Australia. Christmas holidays are a great time for people to go out and enjoy outdoor activities in the warm weather.


4. Please share your thoughts to those who want to travel to Australia in order to escape the cold winter

I hope everyone stays warm and has a great end of the year. Get away from the cold winter in the northern hemisphere and come enjoy Christmas on the beach in Australia. There are plenty of things to do for everyone, whether it is surfing, beach volleyball, or just enjoying the sun and the warm weather.

Thank you. This has been Reporter Vanessa, who is currently eager to fly away to a warm country.



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