Customer Support Training at Czech Republic


Customer Support Training at Czech Republic

Vatech Europe’s Czech Republic training center is the most active site for our dealer trainings. A Customer Support training was conducted by Mr. Ales and Ms. Pavel from 10/3 – 11/1 for attendees coming from Hungary, Romania, Czech, Netherlands and Italy.

For detailed information, Vatech Global Marketing Team interviewed one of the trainers, Mr. Ales.

1. Who are the attendees of this training and what was the main purpose?

Training was focused on troubleshooting the Green16 and Smart Plus by showing how we troubleshoot issues with hands-on practice, revision of main cases from the field, image quality issues, software troubleshooting, introduction of new error codes in capture software, upgrading the firmware and capture software with hands-on practice, CT Geometry calibration with hands-on practice, adjusting the image processing by VIPS software and open discussion about cases and issues that the attendees face in the field. The training session concluded with an exam for the attendees and a training evaluation form was requested to be filled out.


2. What part of the agenda were the attendees particularly interested in, and why?

They were mostly interested in how we troubleshoot problems and how we evaluate and recognize the root cause of errors through remote sessions. According to the feedback received by the completed evaluation forms, they have requested for more hands-on practice for future training events.


3. What was the main feedback you received from the attendees? (Whether good or bad)

We received a 100% positive feedback from all attendees.

The main feedbacks are listed below.

  • The training was applicable to my job.
  • The objectives in the training course were clearly defined.
  • The instructor was a good communicator.


4. What is so special about Vatech’s education compare to other companies?

Vatech Europe’s office opened recently, a bit longer than half a year ago so it is currently difficult to access a concrete conclusion. However, since this spring, we have already provided the following:

  • 7x Technical trainings with another one coming up shortly
  • 3x Sales trainings
  • 20x Showroom visits dealer-customer including software courses either for dealers or end-users
  • 1x Radiation protection courses not only for our customer
  • 1x Dentist presentation about surgical guide solutions
  • 1x Subsidiary meeting

And that is the level we would like to continuously offer to our dealers and their customers. Thanks to our continuous daily communication with our dealers, we successfully built a close and highly trusted relationship with them. They know that our door is always opened to them. So, the question is, are there other companies out there in our market offering the same things as we do?

Thank you for the interview and we look forward to hearing from you again soon!

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