Vatech India at the International Congress of Academy of Oral Implantology


Vatech India at the International Congress of Academy of Oral Implantology


The 11th International Congress of Academy of Oral Implantation was held at Hotel Le Meridien in New Delhi, India from September 13 to 15. The conference is held annually by the Indian Society of Oral Implantology and is attended by the best doctors from all around the globe. 

Vatech India also participated in the conference and launched its 10 year warranty for CBCT devices. According to the president of Vatech India, Indian doctors tend to pay careful attention to the so-called “until death” lifelong benefits when making purchases. Now that we are providing the 10 year warranty, negotiations have been very smooth so far! To hear more about it, I interviewed Mr. George Shin, the president of Vatech India.



Interviewer: I know that the industry is very competitive in other countries as well, but I think the market in India is even more competitive. I heard you attained positive feedback and results from the conference. What’s the secret?

Mr. George Shin: Thanks to the brand awareness we have built. Fortunately, Vatech India and its entry level devices have been branded as the most reliable products, making it easy to convey the value of our 10 year warranty. If we had provided poor customer support, the program might have received negative feedbacks such as: “10 year warranty!? I don’t know. I don’t trust them. 10 years is a very long time, and they might just try to avoid the responsibility a few years later.”

The successful launch of the 10 year warranty was made possible because there was Vatech’s brand confidence strongly built within the market. Doctors think very carefully about customer support and reliability, even when they’re purchasing the most entry models such as sensors. Of course they are going to pay closer attention to reliability of the brand if they’re going to buy a CT machine, which is about 30 times more expensive that a sensor.

“I’m sure the dealer is going to change in 10 years. Do I have to negotiate the repair prices every time the device breaks down? They must be VERY confident about their products if they’re giving us a 10 year warranty.” And we are. Vatech’s 10 year warranty allows our clients to put down all the worries about our products. I mean, don’t you just want to use your most expensive machine in the office without the hassle of breaking down, when there is a bazillion more things to worry about?

Peace of mind, that’s the key that captivated our customers in India! 



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