Summer National Sales Meeting 2019 Vail, Colorado


Summer National Sales Meeting 2019 Vail, Colorado

From August 1st to the 3rd, Vatech America held its Summer National Sales Meeting in Vail, Colorado. Vatech District Sales Managers from all over the country gathered to learn and share from each other’s experiences, in their respective areas. The main objective of the meeting was for updates and educational purposes but also to build upon the teamwork within the group. 

The first two days consisted of an abundance of educational information, from presentations, open discussions and hands-on sessions regarding our soon-to-launch products, sales support protocols, and many other significant topics. The focus of day one was dedicated to the EzScan. Although our plans to launch the EzScan in the US market has currently been delayed, our sales managers were eager to learn about our new scanner and was readily attentive throughout the entire session. The sales managers were especially enthusiastic during the hands-on session because they had the opportunity to actually test the scanner and experience the software for themselves.


Scanning with our EzScan

The focus shifted to our new Wave Sensor on the second day of the meeting. Presentations were given by both the marketing and education team. A general overview of the Wave Sensor and the feedback received from clinics were the main topics of the presentation, but the sales managers wanted more information about detailed specifications and had many inquiries. The agenda for the meeting on the second day was more diverse than the first, consisting of two additional guest speakers and presentations from some of our sales managers. One of presentation topics that especially peaked the sales managers interest was from our guest speaker, Gary Kadi, whom connected to us via online conference call. His extensive knowledge and services to break down the finances of potential dental clients, in order for them to make the right financial decisions seemed like a beneficial service that a lot of the service managers could agree upon. Throughout the entire meeting, all the sales managers were very attentive, engaging, and asked a lot of questions.  

Rafting group photo

All work and no play is not a motto that Vatech America can agree upon. The last day of the meeting was dedicated to a half day rafting trip for our sales managers. In order to rejuvenate their enthusiasm by being in sync with each other and working together as a team, they would achieve their goals and arrive to their destination through teamwork. 

After personally experiencing the Summer National Sales Meeting, I can easily conclude that our sales managers are extremely passionate about their work and are very dedicated to Vatech. All the attendees for the Summer National Sales Meeting 2019 at Vail, Colorado would attest that this was a triumphant meeting.  

For a glimpse of the Nation Sales Meeting 2019, check out our video: 



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