Know Thy Self, Know Thy Enemy. A Thousand Battles, a Thousand Victories! Europe Sales Meeting


Know Thy Self, Know Thy Enemy. A Thousand Battles, a Thousand Victories! Europe Sales Meeting

▲ Group Photo of the Participants

  • Event : 2019 Europe Sales Meeting
  • Date : September 5th~6th 2019
  • Location : Budapest, Hungary

Sun Tzu, a famous Chinese general, military strategist and the author of the book, The Art of War, states “Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories”. 

On September 5th and 6th, the 2019 Europe Sales Meeting was held at Budapest Hungary with 85 participants from 21 countries. 

Through this event, Vatech’s branch offices and distributors have been well equipped to successfully grow within their own markets. The meeting was an especially productive opportunity for all attendees because they had a chance to converse and discuss with each other’s sales strategy and experiences.    

The meeting officially started with a greeting from the sales VP of Vatech America, followed by the first presentation, “Future of Vatech Global”, from the CEO of Vatech America.  

One of Vatech America’s important partner, Mr. Gary Kadi’s presented, “What the Top Global Equipment Salespeople are doing differently NOW”. He received the highest review score from all the attendees out of all the presentations. He discussed how the top salesmen around the world are succeeding and what we need to do to become one of the successful winners as well.

All the attendees applauded his passionate presentation!

▲ Mr. Gary Kadi during his presentation

Additionally, sharing successful business cases amongst the dealers was a positive stimulus as well. They were able to soak in all the information and consider how to apply them to their own business in their particular market.

▲ Self-scanning demo with the EzScan by Mr. Park from R&D

After the completion of a successful meeting, dinner was held at a restaurant located inside the Budapest Castle. Everyone was able to enjoy their meals along side the beautiful night scene of the city. Most of the attendees visited Hungary for the first time, making dinner at the Budapest Castle especially memorable.  

Vanessa’s thoughts and opinions after the completion of the two-day meeting. 

“Looking back on the first day of the meeting, I was filled with appreciation when witnessing the conference room filled with attendees from all over the world, gathering together in Hungary with the main purpose of receiving Vatech’s product sales training. I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to those who put in the effort to attend the sales meeting, in order to gain the competitive edge against our competitors who sell similar SW / HW in this red ocean dental X-ray imaging market.

Dealers rarely have time to communicate with each other, especially during trade shows. The sales meeting was especially meaningful because we had the opportunity to properly communicate and have time to ask and answer each other’s Q&A.

– Vanessa

The following is the testimony of Kenneth, Vatech Malaysia’s CEO

“Through this event, I learned about the importance of building your own platform and the importance of collaboration in order to sustain favorable results. I have gained the knowledge for an ideal platform. Thank you.”


Thank you for all those who have attended this meeting. Although we cannot adhere to all the feedback we have received from the attendees, we will try our best to apply them in order to assist us in planning for our 3rd Europe Sales Meeting.

Curious about the Europe Sales Meeting video? Check out our video~!


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