Seeing is Believing- Vatech China’s Open House


Seeing is Believing- Vatech China’s Open House

â–² Vatech China- Open House Commemorative Photo

On August 8th, Vatech China held an Open House for first-tier dealers from Runyes, who are in charge of Sales in Eastern, Southern, and Northern China, and 20 second-tier company presidents. The main goal of this open house was to show that Vatech is a one-stop service company (research, factory, production, etc.) that instills confidence in our products, which will help them reach new target sales. Jung-Min Lee, the Chinese subsidiary who prepared the entire Open House, was able to give us details on how it went.

The attendees found the Rayence Manufacturing Line tour to be the most interesting portion of the Open House. There are not many companies that produce both CMOS and TFT at the same time, which is why they were so engaged with the tour. Being part of the tour helped dealers feel more confident that CMOS is suitable for oral imaging equipment. We received great feedback about their visit to the technical training center where all of our products are displayed and they were able to run and test the image quality of the Green 16 that will be launching in the Chinese market, in the near future. It was even a great experience for them to be able to demo other products that are not being sold in the Chinese market.

They were also able to visit Vatech’s ENG factory, to confirm that even the smallest parts of our devices are produced by Vatech. We received great responses through showcasing the automation equipment and the strict management rules, including humidity and temperature control and defect management.

â–² Dealers engaged in the Rayence Manufacturing Line tour

We asked one of the attending dealers if they had a difference in perception before and after visiting Vatech Headquarters, and they said- “I knew Vatech was a big company but now I know exactly how big and detailed it actually is. By showcasing parts that we only hear about, I have gained greater pride in future sales and have realized how well the title “World’s Premier Dental Imaging Company” fits with Vatech, Inc.”. Their response fits so well with the Korean proverb that says a picture is worth a thousand words!

Below is a testimony from Jung-Min Lee, the Chinese subsidiary who prepared the Open House event.

“Experiencing the factory tour has reiterated my thought that Vatech really is a leader in imaging technology. It made me feel proud to be a Vatech employee and now I want to make sure that our great technology is more widely available in the Chinese market. I was pleased that this event gave us more confidence in our products and in our company.”

Jung-Min Lee began working in Vatech China’s Marketing Department on July 15th, 2019. She is in charge of the preparation, implementation, and execution of appropriate brand promotion events and exhibitions, with the hopes of improving local sales in the Chinese market.


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