Vatech Brazil Corporate Sales Training


Vatech Brazil Corporate Sales Training

Sales discussion with Matt Barnett, VUS National Sales Director, and Vatech Brazil sales representatives

On July 15th, Vatech Brazil hosted a sales discussion with Vatech US, involving Brazilian sales representatives focusing on improving their business activities. Mr. Matt Barnett, Vatech America’s National Sales Director, is a 20-year veteran in the dental field and shared the know-how he has accumulated through his vast experience.

Brazil, located in South America, is filled with people who speak Portuguese, which made it difficult to converse with their headquarters, but it was evident that our VBR (Vatech Brazil) sales representatives were extremely interested in how other corporations operate. The need for educating the sales representatives was high, so we were able to lead them while receiving favorable responses.

We explained that simply comparing specifications and prices shows how the equipment we sell can benefit Brazil’s hospitals. We also discussed how to speak with doctors in regard to showing them clinical evidence that using our products will improve the hospital’s workflow. The discussion also involved how we can overcome our weaknesses and use our strengths to create new opportunities for business expansion.  

When we look up at the clouds, we assume that the sky is only as high as the clouds. This sales discussion/education pushed our Vatech Brazil sales representatives to strive to reach above the clouds and successfully improve their business activities.

VBR sales representatives paying close attention to Mr. Barnett’s words of wisdom

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