Woorien Creating a healthy coexistence between human and Companion animal


Woorien Creating a healthy coexistence between human and Companion animal

MyVet CT i3D

For those who live with a companion animal- this is a great article for you!

To many, Vatech is known as a dental imaging solution company. However, what most people do not know is that by utilizing their advanced technology, Vatech networks founded Woorien, a company that focuses of animal imaging solutions. During the first half of a year, Woorien exhibited their MyVet CT i3D at the Veterinary Meeting and EXPO (VMX) and gained a lot of interest.  Today, we would like to introduce this affiliate company that focuses on aiding animals in dentistry.

Woorien was founded in 2012 as an in-house venture of Vatech Ewoo Holdings, by their New Business Planning team.

Currently, Woorien is pioneering various new business ideas and some of them include:

  1. Development and sales of Vet Imaging System, focusing on the North American market- Biz: MyVet imaging business.
  2. Woorien PMS based veterinary medicine, medical service distribution platform business.
  3. Distribution of Waal, a mobile app for Companion animal, launching the company based on the service platform aspect, MyVet Imaging Inc. and A pharm collaborating about pharmaceutical distribution for animal medication, and operating PnV, a specialized subsidiary company for Companion animal solutions.

I’m sure there were many behind-the-scenes incidents during the early development days of VET CT. I interviewed Mr. Teo Jeong, Product Manager of Woorien, to find out more details.

MR. Teo Jeong, Product Manager of Woorien

My name is Teo Jeong and I have been overseeing this project from beginning to end. When we were developing the EzSensor Vet Max, an Equine IOS product, we experimented by putting our hands directly into the mouth of a horse. Initially, it was scary to witness the horse’s bite force. He was able to bite through a thick carrot so easily, who knows what would have happened to my hand. With all of this gained experience, it feels like I am an expert on the anatomy of cats, dogs, and horses.

Q: I would definitely entrust my companion animal’s care with a product that you have developed, but what if I need to visit a clinic that uses the VET CT?

Due to the fact that animals cannot speak to us, diagnosing issues is limited if we do not utilize imaging and testing equipment. Additionally, since 2D and ultrasound images alone have limitations in surgical operations, it is believed that an Mes without a CT diagnosis is the equivalent of entering the jungle without an expert guide.

MyVet CT i3D, which will be released soon, is an animal-specific CT that can diagnose anything with the soft tissue. It uses a spiral scan method and fan shaped x-ray beam, similar to that of a medical CT. The dosage of the MyVet CT i3D is 1/30 of the dosage of a medical CT and has the advantage of utilizing commercial voltage as the input power, without going through the process of boosting during installation. After conducting clinical tests in Korea and North America, the VET CT confirms the usefulness of diagnosis, so why would we not take our companion animals to a vet hospital that uses it?

Through communication and consultations with our domestic and overseas veterinary colleagues/clients, we have developed products that I could only dream of! This definitely instills a sense of trust towards the company and the work we do.

We hope that Vatech networks becomes a global leader in veterinary imaging solutions, as well as in dental imaging solutions!



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