Dealer Technical Training


Dealer Technical Training

On June 26th and 27th, VUS held a technical training for our dealers at their Fort Lee, NJ location. The purpose of the training was to familiarize technicians with our devices and improve their installation/troubleshooting process. VUS had Manuel Aguilar, Technical Support Supervisor/Customer Support, and Yun Lee, Mechanical Engineer Manager, conduct the training and we had a chance to ask them some questions about how the training went.


Yun Lee, Customer Service and Education Manager (far left), and Manuel Aguilar, Team Lead/Supervisor (far right)

Interviewer: Please give us a brief introduction of yourself.

Manuel: My name is Manuel Aguilar and I am a Vatech America Technical Support Supervisor/Customer Support. I have been working with Vatech for about eight years and currently teach/train our dealers, in our Fort Lee office, on our x-ray devices/software/installation/troubleshooting.

Yun: My name is Yun Lee and I am the Mechanical Engineer Manager. Manuel and I have been planning dealer training courses and continuously discuss ways to effectively lead good trainings while building the attendee’s interest in our learning and training initiatives. We also wanted to make sure everyone felt comfortable and at home with us.

Interviewer: What was the objective of this training?

Manuel & Yun: The objective was to familiarize the technicians with our devices and improve their installation/troubleshooting process. Unlike last year, we provided two different courses- an introductory course for those with less experience and an advanced course for those with enough knowledge to pass our online courses. After relaying and discussing the materials/presentation, we created mock situations that technicians commonly have to deal with (which we previously discussed), and had all the attendees get together to solve the created issues, to make sure the information is ingrained in them.


Manuel answering questions while comparing our older devices with new x-ray units.
Manuel and technicians talking about the base front cover not sitting flush on the base, due to two screwed on pegs at the bottom of each side. Removing the screws completely allows the base front cover to sit flush on the base.

Interviewer: Which topic were the dealers most engaged with?

Manuel & Yun: They were unanimously happy with the hands-on training portion (troubleshooting-on-your-own). We intentionally broke some parts and changed the settings around to let the technicians try to solve the problem within a certain timeframe. Usually, technicians just follow our instructions when an issue pops up, but knowing that some technicians like to be independent with solving the troubleshooting issues they receive, Vatech introduced our KB (knowledge based) website. They were very excited that the site could help them learn more about Vatech products and how to troubleshoot our products with ease.


Technicians are going over the manual alignment software, adjusting the next value and giving their input. They were applying the necessary formula to solve the collimator settings in pixels, while giving their own parameters and trying to solve the collimation of all the shutters.

Interviewer: What was your favorite part of the training?

Manuel & Yun: We really like seeing the technicians work together to solve problems that we have created for them, whether that’s on the actual machine, software, PC, etc. These trainings also help us network and bond with one another, on a more personal level, as opposed to talking over the phone or chatting through TeamViewer. We were also very proud to announce that Vatech is a worldwide leading manufacturer of radiographic imaging solutions!

Interviewer: Were there any questions/concerns that the dealers had?

Manuel & Yun: Yes, they are looking for more intermediate-level, advanced-level, troubleshooting, and hands-on trainings. They suggested that the trainings be held for longer periods because they felt like the two and a half days were too short to absorb all of the new information. Another concern was that they did not want to leave because we fed them so well!

Interviewer: Do you have any concerns/things you would want to change for future trainings?

Manuel & Yun: For future trainings, we will utilize a more systematic approach, since the interests were different depending on their job position. Some techs wanted to learn more about software while others were interested in hardware. Ultimately, our trainings are all about identifying the needs of our dealers and providing the necessary information. Since our main office is located in New Jersey, there are some techs in the West Coast who were not able to join our training course. For those on the West Coast, we are planning a training, at the CA office, for next year. We will also prepare PC’s for technicians who do not bring laptops. The VUS Customer Support team is trying to adopt an environment of continuous learning and teaching. Without it, our team’s and dealer’s motivation levels will eventually dry up.

Interviewer: Thank you for your time and I can’t wait to interview you about your next training!



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