Best of The Best- Customer Service in the Middle East


Best of The Best- Customer Service in the Middle East

▲ Saudi Arabia/Egypt technical engineer training

A Level 1 technical training was held in the Middle East, with the hope of influencing the best customer support team. From June 22nd to June 30th, we held trainings in Jeddah, Riyadh, and Cairo, targeting the main market (Saudi Arabia) and engineers in Egypt.

The objective of Vatech’s 2019 customer support training was so that “all Vatech engineers in the world are trained to be able to fully install our equipment and are capable to troubleshoot basic issues, while at sites.”

After successfully completing the training, engineers would go back to their designated office and train the rest of the engineers on what he/she learned. With support from HQ, the local initial service downtime will be able to drop to zero.

※ Downtime : A period of time that a system fails to provide or perform its primary function.

We interviewed Mike Kim, Customer Service Manager, for a more in-depth look into the technical engineer training.

“Hello, my name is Mike Kim and I work in the Customer Service department. I began working at Vatech on January 1st, 2017, with 7 years of work experience in the Middle East. I was initially working at Middle East team for sales and marketing department and I switched over to the Customer Service team in January 2019.

While preparing for the training, I researched what major issues the local agencies were facing.

I realized that video contents concerning Vatech’s Image Optimization were highly requested, instead of questions about mechanical issues.

The Image Optimization videos would be used for current and potential customers.

Due to where there was peaked interest, I decided to focus the training materials more on Customer Service. I also prepared materials about our Service Newsletter, VCSM and other materials to share information with our engineers. (Mike Kim)

Personally, this experience helped me learn a lot about the Middle Eastern Market. Rather than just looking at sales and marketing, it helped to understand market trends through the eyes of a technical engineer.

Throughout the entire process, from preparation to the actual training sessions, everyone involved was very engaging and benefitted from each other. Thanks to this, it looks like Vatech’s journey to achieving the title of “Best Customer Service” is a bit closer.

Please look forward to the next training!


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