Escaping the Summer Heat


Escaping the Summer Heat

▲ Beautiful Hong Kong

The heat wave is here (Oh, for those in the Southern hemisphere, it’s getting colder and everyone must be getting ready for winter)!

I wanted to get some worthwhile travel recommendations for our short summer break, so I asked Luna An for some insight. Luna An is the Manager of Sales and Marketing for Southeast Asia and certain regions in China.


“Hello, my name is Luna An and I am the Manager of Sales and Marketing at Vatech Asia’s headquarters. I have been overseeing sales in Asia since 2011 and the Southeast Asian team was formed about 2 years ago. I love to travel and have been to many places, but if we are focusing on traveling for a short trip leaving from Korea, I recommend vacationing in Southeast Asia or Central China, specifically Hong Kong and Macau.”



The first reason is that, by boat, it only takes one hour to get from Hong Kong to Macau.

That short one-hour ride will take you to a place that has a whole different atmosphere, for only $60! You get to experience two different places for a small price.

▲ Hong Kong 1881 Heritage

The second reason is that you can do all the touristy and recreational activities in three to four days.

In Hong Kong, you can view some beautiful scenery while shopping and tasting a variety of snacks. In Macau, you can enjoy gambling while staying at a luxurious hotel in “Little Europe” (nickname for Macau). You only need a few days to take in all the great things that Hong Kong and Macau have to offer.

▲ Landscape of Macau

The third reason is that you can enjoy a variety of snacks, including those from China, Portugal, and more.  

In Hong Kong, you can enjoy a variety of authentic Cantonese dishes and snacks, like egg tarts, cookies, and dim sum. Macau was formerly a colony of the Portuguese Empire, so they have a nice mix of “Chinese and Portuguese food.”

This trip sounds like one that will captivate my senses, all while basking in their beautiful culture and atmosphere. I have not been to Hong Kong and Macau yet and this article makes me want to go- would anyone like to join me on my next vacation?

If you are curious about anything related to this article, please do not hesitate to contact Luna An.


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