Shadowing a VUS Education Specialist: Onsite Training


Shadowing a VUS Education Specialist: Onsite Training

What does the typical day of a Vatech America Education Specialist look like?

In order to find out, we shadowed Mr. Andrew Goodman, a VUS Education Specialist, for the day!

We visited a dental center that uses our Green16 device and went over a Level 2 process hands-on training and 3D S/W Training. This clinic only takes CT scans and the doctor was somewhat dissatisfied with the Pano image quality of a patient’s overlapping teeth and incisors.

Mr. Goodman said that after his visit, the doctor was happy and smiling- so what was it that changed the doctor’s demeanor?

As a VUS Education Specialist, Mr. Goodman was able to target core questions that the doctor had, giving him detailed and comprehensive answers.

He started with how to use the 3D SW, covering the MPR, axis adjustment, mandibular canal function, and other functions that the doctor would be using. They used the curve of an axis adjustment to practice splitting a tooth and used the oblique function to spin an image 360 degrees to check for any bone cracks.

The doctor was pleased with Mr. Goodman’s practice runs but the clinic’s staff members also had questions about improving the image quality of overlapping teeth and incisors.


Time and again, Mr. Andrew Goodman has shown that he is an experienced and professional educator and we cannot wait for his next training!



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