Hello Mr. Sunshine!


Hello Mr. Sunshine!

On a clear and sunny summer day, we interviewed Vatechs Human Resource Associate, Young Sup Park. He is well known for always greeting everyone with an exceptionally bright smile.

Global Marketing team: Hello! It’s great to meet you, Young Sup Park. Can you briefly introduce yourself?

Young Sup Park: Hello! I am Young Sup Park, a Vatech HR Associate. I have a bright smile but did not expect to be interviewed for anything because it has only been three months since I’ve joined the company. This is such a great honor! (smile)

Global Marketing team: I can see, behind your impressive smile, that you have braces?

Young Sup Park: Ever since I was young, my biggest complex has been my small jawline. In order to improve my aesthetics, I have even considered getting corrective jaw surgery. However, I decided to forgo the risky surgery because I did not want to get it done just for superficial reasons. I learned that I would be able to fix my small jawline with braces. I started my 4-year orthodontic journey in January 2016, so I still have about a year left.

Global Marketing team: I’m sure it has been difficult dealing with braces for so long, but it will all be worth it when you reach your aesthetic goal. When you first got your braces put on, which was before you came to Vatech, did you know about this company at all?

Young Sup Park: No, I had no idea. However, I do recall my orthodontist using a Vatech device to take my x-ray. I was extremely flabbergasted to see my 2D and 3D X-ray images appear right before my eyes. Even now, when I visit my orthodontist, I see Vatech devices! I unknowingly feel a sense of pride.

Global Marketing team: Now that you have only 1 year left on your orthodontic journey, I am starting to look forward to your result as well.

Looking back, what were some of the most challenging parts of going through with the orthodontic procedure?

Young Sup Park: Having to periodically visit the orthodontist has been the most difficult part. It takes me about two hours to get to my orthodontist, which is physically and mentally draining. I also run into problems when I eat. Sometimes, it takes me over ten minutes to clean my teeth after eating chewy foods, like squid.

Global Marketing team: Oh my cheer up, you only have one more year to go! As for my last question, what are your expectations for when your braces come off (functionality/aesthetically)?

Young Sup Park: I hope my jaw line is more defined. Although I’m not done yet, I do see a noticeable change in my jaw line. Once in a while, my girlfriend will look at a picture of me, before braces, and say, If you did not get braces, I doubt I would have started dating you. Oddly enough, this comforts me because it tells me that my jawline is improving.

Global Marketing team: Please make sure to take good care of yourself until the last day of your orthodontic journey! You will be free to enjoy chewy foods without having to brush your teeth for so long.

Thank you for taking the time to interview with us, with your bright smile.

There are many reasons why people opt to getting braces- jagged teeth, protruding teeth, relatively less developed mandible, etc. Since individuals have their own unique skeletal frame, the orthodontic process requires extremely meticulous and precise work.

Orthodontic treatment is for the correction of irregularly aligned teeth, usually involving braces and sometimes oral surgery. So that Orthodontist defines various anatomical measure points by looking at one’s skeletal frame and analyze patient concerns by lining up the points and measuring the angles.

Vatech’s Cephalometric x-ray is vital in assisting orthodontists with quickly analyzing any issues and planning the necessary reconstructions.

Cephalometric imaging is a safe and effective use for orthodontic practices!


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