2019 Global Customer Service Summit


2019 Global Customer Service Summit

Vatech HQ hosted a Global Customer Service Summit in Korea, from June 17th – 18th . Corporate service managers gathered (from England, France, Spain, Russia, Hong Kong, Australia, America, Mexico, Taiwan, and China) with the objective of learning how to strengthen the customer service experience. They discussed the major challenges they face during their work.

The primary agenda was focusing on creating the standard of a 24/7 support system to promptly assist and alleviate the issues that our customers may experience. All of the attendees were enthusiastic with sharing the customer support process, policy, and strategy, in their respective country. Plans and updates of our product development for HQ’s customer service research is expected to increase the end user’s and our corporate employee’s trust in Vatech’s product/quality.

▲ Attendees focusing on the discussions

The attendees were particularly interested in the equipment monitoring and automatic service claim system, which is expected to be a distinguishing factor in the customer support process. In addition, strategic services provided by Vatech Russia received a lot of attention and other affiliates were able to utilize their service methods and implement their strategies accordingly.

For those who are interested in learning about Vatech Russia’s customer service, please visit their website at http://www.vatechrussia.com/services/service/support

“Being the customer’s point of contact, we were able to refocus our implementation of customer support and revise our policies and strategies by sharing our knowledge amongst one another. HQ pledges to resolve all issues by following our motto- “value from the customer’s point of view”.


< Customer service manager Shwan Kang >

Due to the abundance of information that was shared, the two-day Summit felt too short.


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