Sales training at Vatech Europe


Sales training at Vatech Europe

Vatech Europe’s Czech Republic training center is the most active site for our dealer trainings. During the month of June, two sales trainings were conducted for multiple European countries. The first session was held on 6/13-6/14, with 11 attendees from the Czech Republic, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Croatia, and Hungary, and the second training was from 6/20-6/21.

Those in attendance were our European regional sales representatives. In order to introduce our company through demos, the main objective of the training was to teach the attendees how to utilize our software.

Attendees attentively participating

The attendees were particularly interested in getting detailed information about our software. To show how easy and intuitive our software is, attendees were presented with an educational video prepared by VUS. They also discussed how they can efficiently share their knowledge on the latest product information.

We were commended by our invited outside instructors, as the Successful Business subject matter was an important topic to go over. It shed light on what our sales team should be thinking about in terms of a sales representative’s state of mind and how to lucratively work with clients. Attendees were also given time to share their individual criticisms and concerns. This was a great opportunity for everyone to think deeply about their sales mentality and learn from peers.

Attendees receiving the software training

All of our participants said, This training session was extremely beneficial and we hope that future trainings are just like this one.

We look forward to another successful training!



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