Customer Support Training at Vatech Europe


Customer Support Training at Vatech Europe

Vatech recently opened a training and education center located in Prague, Czech Republic, to provide education on new equipment for European dealerships every year, and to display its product line-up for its customers.

The space will be used as a professional training center, with the goal of securing excellent technicians and strengthening their expertise.

According to the CS manager,

New products with the most advanced technology are being launched in line with the ever-changing technological landscape. Our main goal is to educate technicians and dealers of our overseas subsidiaries to foster their skills and capabilities as global technology leaders. The technology training center with leading technology programs is expected to become the global hub for education and training for Vatech.”

It is expected to greatly help improve technical skills of CS staff in the European region with regular training courses.

The participants can freely discuss about technical matters and share their knowledge with each other.

If you have any questions, you can visit the Vatech Europe website. ( or contact to


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