Customer Support Training at Vatech Spain


Customer Support Training at Vatech Spain

Recently, Vatech Spain has been making efforts to take a new leap forward. To find out more about what activities they are participating in, we interviewed David Kim, the Customer Support Manager of Vatech Spain.

Question: Please introduce yourself.

David: I am a Customer Support Manager for Vatech Spain and I joined the company 14 years ago, on July 1, 2005. I have been working in Spain since October of 2007, so that is almost 12 years.

Question: I heard that there was a training session in Vatech Spain recently. Who participated in the training and what was the objective?

David: Manuel Aguilar, a VUS Customer Support Team Lead/Supervisor, lead the training session and there were four attendees- myself, Jesús Perez, Sergio Martin, and Sergio Muñoz. The purpose of the training was to identify the current status of Customer Support operations and to establish the structure of CS protocols in Spain.

Question: What topics were the attendees particularly interested in and why?

David: Participants were very interested in Vatech America’s CS systems and training materials because those are different from ours.

Question: Were there any differences from previous CS trainings you have completed and what do you expect from the next training?

David: This was the first training that lasted for three days and it was nice to spend so much time together. During this session, it was beneficial that we spoke a lot about how to support and deal with various customers. It was a great experience but I wish we had more time to talk about technical matters and how to effectively interact with customers.

Question: Is there anything else you would like to add?

David: Since the retirement of Mr. Jose, Vatech Spain’s former President, many changes have been made. Change is always scary and difficult, but with the ample support of many people, we are progressively moving forward.


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