EzScan Features


EzScan Features

Visitor reactions were favorable for our EzScan features (small, light, and quick scanning) while we were at the IDS exhibition. Customers expressed their expectations for a variety of uses, including implant/surgical guide integration with their CT. However, they expressed some negativity regarding the SW features and the absence of certain aspects that some of the competing products utilize. Common comments/questions included:

“Small and light.”

“It’s easy to hold in your hand.”

“What is the precision?”

“Scan speed is fast”

“I see empty space during scanning.”

“Is there a separate Link SW?”

“Can I work with CT images?”

“Do you provide probe tip by size?”

“Is abutment scan and post & core possible?”

“Do you support aligners, dentures?”


Through IDS, I feel other products in the market had been enhanced in existing their impression scanning, expressive power of color, SW functionality, and added various functions. As a result, we felt that we needed to review and establish our future development plans.

VT R&D Center Optical Solution Team, Byunghun Park



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