Lady S: God of Diet


Lady S: God of Diet

Dieting is a concern for everyone.

This statement is particularly evident when we start working. Needless to say, desk duties restrict our movements and we naturally start gaining weight.

People will usually give the excuse that “It’s very difficult to work and diet simultaneously.” Dieting is not an easy task, but Lady S, the God of Diet, has a method that has worked for her.

This is the success story of her diet.

“Since joining Vatech a year ago, by the end of 2017, I gained more than 5 kilograms. I have finally succeeded in losing weight through thorough self-care and I have been maintaining an adequate weight for over a year. My secret to success is as follows…” – Lady S

First: Eat before you feel hungry!

Although it may sound strange to some, eating before you feel hunger will reduce your chance of binge eating. Holding off until you feel hunger will make you consume more than your body needs (This is the same as saying that you should eat your meals when you are in a rational state of mind so that you can control your portions.)

For those who are beginners with dieting, it is almost impossible to drastically reduce the size of their portions from the get-go.

That is why I recommend eating smaller portions more frequently throughout the day.

My regimen is to eat four to five times a day, including breakfast (my snacks consist of things like granola bars, boiled eggs, nuts, and chicken breasts).


Her Daily Menus


Second: Refrain from eating after 7 ~ 8 P.M.

Although fasting after 7-8PM is a widely recognized diet tip, it is hard for office workers to keep up with it. The reason behind abstaining from eating late is because is it important to give your digestive system a break.

I make sure to follow this rule at least four to five days a week.

Third: You don’t have time to exercise? Even a 5-minute workout is better than doing nothing.

This does not mean that you need to need to get a work out in during your busy hours. You can complete a short and simple workout during your spare time, like before you go to bed. Doing simple squats and lunges for 5 minutes is much better than skipping it altogether!



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