EWOO Children’s Center at Vatech Korea


EWOO Children’s Center at Vatech Korea

Vatech Brazil invited their customers to join them at Vatech Korea, for an open house, on April 25 th . For most, it was their first time visiting Korea and the main reason for visiting was to see the scale, vision, and core technology of our company. Most of the customers had just purchased our Green16 at the CIOSP 2019 exhibition. As new customers, they were very interested in new products and asked many questions.

The Brazil customers said they were impressed by the scope and organization of the company. They particularly enjoyed VATECH’s childcare center. Our childcare center was established to create a happy workplace for employees with young children, even though the company has no legal obligation to do so. It was designed to provide a top-rated childcare system and support employees with their work/life balance.

On December 15th, Vatech received an award from the Ministry of Health and Welfare (MOHW) for running Korea’s best on-site childcare center. The second award was received from the Korean Worker’s Compensation and Welfare Services for placing second in environmental design among companies that provide on-site childcare. These recognitions are particularly meaningful because Vatech is not legally abided to provide an on-site childcare center (according to the National Childcare Law No.14001). However, the company opened EWOO Children’s Center in March 2016 with the mindset that the key to creating a happy workplace is by providing employees with proper childcare services.

EWOO Children’s Center is a two-story building that covers 1,443 m2. Inside, there is a teacher’s office, a nurse’s office, a cafeteria, a children’s library, and both indoor and outdoor playgrounds. The playgrounds were specifically designed to capture young children’s interests. In addition to these facilities, the center has a baseball stadium-sized gym, where children can enjoy various indoor physical activities. The center installed an automatic monitoring system that controls air quality, noise level, and the amount of light for the whole facility.

A spacious building and top-rated facilities are not the only advantages that EWOO Children’s Center has to offer. The center also focuses on developing a customized nurturing system, with each teacher working in a specialized field. The center maintains a teacher-to-child ratio of 1:2, for children under the age of one. This ratio is lower than the what the law requires (law recommends a 1:3 teacher-to-child ratio). EWOO Children’s Center provides education programs for parents, allowing them to actively share in the center’s educational philosophy.

Hyun-Jin Kim, the head of EWOO Children’s Center, stated that “EWOO Children’s Center was established under the Vatech CEO’s philosophy that ‘the best product and company begins with a happy employee, even though the company is not obligated to do so. By making our center an example, we will encourage other companies to follow suit”.


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